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How To Apply For UK Visitor Visa

If you want to visit the UK for a short period of time, you'll most likely need to apply for a standard visitor visa (UK). Visitor visas in the UK enable you to travel for up to six months and may be used for a variety of purposes, including vacation and business.

The visitor visa can be used for a variety of purposes, including short-term business trips, vacations in the United Kingdom, academic visits, and more. Whether you're visiting the UK for vacation, tourism, recreation, short-term business requirements, or private medical care, the standard visit visa (UK) will permit you to do so.

What Is The UK Standard Visitor Visa And Who Is It For?


Are you searching for a holiday visa as a non-EEA national? Although UK visas for foreign visitors may be complicated at times, the standard visiting visa to UK areas will cover you for up to six months for any leisure activities. Whether you're visiting relatives, sightseeing, or travelling in general, your requirements will be met by the standard visa, which also serves as a UK general visitor visa and a UK tourist visa. The standard visitor visa is the best option for non-EEA visitors visiting the UK.


If you need to visit the UK for a short length of time for business purposes, such as meetings, events, or conferences, the standard visitor visa UK will enable you to go to the UK and do business for up to six months.

Other reasons

If you are getting private medical care, for example, the standard visitor visa can allow you to go to the UK.If you are not a citizen of an EEA nation or Switzerland, you will almost certainly need to fill out an online application form on the website to get a standard visitor visa. However, there are certain exceptions to the UK visa eligibility rules.If you're unsure if you'll need a visitor visa for a trip to the UK, you can always check on the Home Office website.

What Documents Required To Be Eligible For UK Visitor Visa?

What Proof of Eligibility Do I Need For A Visitor Visa?

It's important to submit proof of general eligibility criteria to the Home Office as part of your UK visitor visa requirements and application to establish your eligibility for the UK visitor visa. As a non-EEA visa holder, you must prove that you meet the following requirements:

You intend to depart the United Kingdom at the conclusion of your visit and will not be staying for more than six months.
You have proof of any business or other activities you plan to do while in the UK.
Your inbound and outbound travel, including flights, is within your financial means.
Without relying on public funding, you have adequate funds to support and house yourself and any dependants during your stay.

Understanding what you need to prove is one thing; knowing how to do so is quite another. The Home Office denies a large number of visas due to a lack of supporting documentation.

You must provide information about your current and prior passport numbers, as well as another type of valid travel identification, for your visa to be granted. Any document that isn't in English or Welsh, however, must be accompanied by a certified translation. You may have to submit other documents, such as:

Documents outlining your trip dates.
A record of worldwide travel and immigration. The laws governing visas in the United Kingdom necessitate the submission of a lot of information.
An estimate of your visit's cost, as well as evidence of adequate money, such as bank statements.
Your overseas contact information and address.
Details of any foreign employer for whom you are visiting the UK.

The list goes on, and the fact is that the amount of evidence that can be used to establish your eligibility and support your case is limitless.

Can I Stay In The UK For More Than Six Months?

All Standard UK visitor visas, in general, are short-term visas that allow the bearer to remain for a maximum of six months. You cannot get around this limitation by using a visitor visa or making several or consecutive trips, although you are free to enter and leave the UK whenever you choose while your visa is valid.

Visitors from the US, China, Pakistan, India, and other non-EEA countries, on the other hand, may apply for a long-term visit visa to visit the UK. These are available for an additional fee and may be kept for a period of two, five, or 10 years.

Be aware that these visas still limit you to a single visit of no more than six months. You may, however, enter and exit the UK numerous times within the time limit. If you believe you'll need to visit the UK many times in a short amount of time, a long-term UK visitor visa is a good option.

Academic visitors from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and those getting private medical treatment in the UK have another option for a longer stay. The permit is known as the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). This will require you to provide biometric data such as your personal details, fingerprints, a picture, your immigration status, and more, but it will enable you to remain in the UK for longer than six months. This process is called Biometric enrolment and requires you to provide proof of adequate financial support for your stay.

How Much Does A Visitor Visa UK Cost?

You want to know how much your visitor visa will cost before you start the application process. Visa costs for non-EEA visitors to the United Kingdom may vary. However, the cost of a regular UK visitor visa remains the same - £95. However, if you want to stay longer than six months, you can apply for a long-term standard visa, in which case you will have to pay the following costs:

£361 for a 2-Year Visa
£655 for a 5-Year Visa
£822 for a 10-Year Visa

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