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How To Apply For UK Spouse Visa

Individuals who are married to British citizens or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK are eligible for the Spouse visa category. It may also be used by spouses of individuals on leave as refugees or for humanitarian reasons and those on leave under Appendix EU or as a Turkish worker or a Turkish businessperson. 

Making a Spouse visa application to enter and stay in the UK may be a difficult decision. Therefore in this article, we'll go through everything you need to know about applying for a UK spouse visa, including the requirements, documents required, fees, and application process.

How Do I Apply for A Spouse Visa in 2021?

From outside the country, you may apply for a Spouse Visa online. If you are already in the UK, you may apply online if you meet all of the qualifying requirements and have all the necessary documents. If this isn't the case, you may have to fill out a postal application form instead.

A Spouse Visa is usually granted for a period of 2.5 years and enables the bearer to work freely in the United Kingdom. After the first 2.5 years, the holder may request an extension and, after 5 years, be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Please keep in mind that proof of cohabitation over a 5-year period is required for ILR petitions.

Both parties must be able to prove the following to make this application:

They have physically met;
They are a legally married couple;
They want to live permanently together in the United Kingdom as a couple;
The sponsor satisfies the financial requirements set out in the immigration regulations.

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a Spouse Visa?

As you would expect, you'll be required to submit a lot of documentation proof for a visa with such favorable terms. The majority of this documentation proof will be connected to the relationship and used to determine whether or not the relationship is real. Due to a history of "sham marriages" in the United Kingdom, the requirements for visas, including relationships/marriages, have been substantially tightened. As a result, you will be required to complete a significant amount of documents.

You will need to submit identification information (such as passports), as well as documents related to your criminal history (if any), financial position, and, depending on your particular circumstances, your health.

The following is a list of the documents you'll need to apply for a UK spouse visa:

Relationship proof
Your full name
Date of your birth
If you're applying from outside the UK, provide your date of birth and parents' nationality.
Form for applying for a visa in the United Kingdom. You'll need to fill out the VAF4A form to apply for a spouse visa.
For a spouse visa, proof of English language proficiency is required.
Passports from the past
To affix a visa, you must have a valid passport with at least one blank page.
Financial proof
Two passport-sized colour photographs that meet the UK's requirements.
Details of any prior immigration applications, if any.
Biometric information. (A digital photograph and fingerprints).
A criminal record certificate
Proof of accommodation
Proof of payment of spouse visa costs.

What Are The Spouse Visa UK Requirements For 2021?

To be eligible for a UK spouse visa in 2021, you must meet the following criteria:

Both parties must be at least 18 years old.
A suitable level of English-speaking ability - A lower standard of English is required for first Spouse visa applications than for Spouse Visa extensions and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. Depending on your place of origin, your English language proficiency may need to be shown.
You must satisfy the minimum income criterion, which is £18,600 if you are applying without dependants. Depending on whether you are employed or self-employed and whether you are applying with dependents, different rules apply. You do not need to show proof of employment if you are unemployed and have £62,500 in savings.
You, your partner, and/or any dependents must have a valid accommodation.
You must be in a long-term, genuine relationship. You must be able to prove this, and documentation will be required. You don't need to have lived together for two years, but you should provide utility bills as evidence if you have lived together for any length of time.
You must be able to support yourself and your dependents financially (will require proof of finances)

If you can meet these requirements, you should have a very strong application; however, you can apply even if you don't meet all of them.

Fees for A Spouse Visa

The fee for applying for a Spouse Visa is £1,523, and it is subject to change regularly. The application and supporting documentation must be filled out and submitted online. You'll also have to pay additional fees, such as the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is currently £400 per applicant per year and is expected to rise to around £600 per year. You will need to pay disbursements separately if you have used legal assistance.

For your application to be processed, you must pay the entire amount upfront; the prices mentioned above only cover standard fees. If you want your application to be processed faster, you'll have to pay for a premium service, which will cost you more money.

How Do I Apply For a UK Spouse Visa?

To apply for a spouse visa, you must fill out an online application form. Depending on whether you're applying from inside the UK or overseas, you'll need to fill out a separate application form.

Before applying for a UK spouse visa, consult an immigration lawyer to ensure that you are using the proper application forms for your specific situation.

You should prepare your supporting documents at the same time as you prepare your spouse visa application form since there are certain document requirements that require your documents to be dated before the day you submit the online application form. Individuals may submit scans of their spouse visa supporting papers for the Home Office to review under the present method. However, since the Home Office modifies its method from time to time, you should verify the particular process for the country you plan to apply at the time you apply.

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